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This weekend is the eleventh running of the Ironman Florida in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Endurance Nation will be represented by 15 athletes this Saturday. Below is a snap shop of our racers for Saturday.  Also be on the look out for EN racers:  Craig Watson, Greg Cole, Kate Green, Maura McCrann,  John Smith, and Dawn & Greg Guarriello.

Bill Russell
Bill is 54 years young and resides on Martha’s Vineyard.  This will be his 8th Im and 4th time in Panama City.  This is a double IM year for Bill who raced IM CDA earlier this year.  On Saturday he’ll be chasing a “21-year-old IM PR: 11:47:05,  set at my first IM at the old Endurance on Cape Cod.”  His ‘one thing’:  “To keep the whip on during the last 8 miles and break that PR.”

Bryan Desloge
This will be the first IM for Bryan.  He did the Panama City Half IM earlier this year.  He is ready to get going and hoping to enjoy the day since it’s been a long year in anticipation.  His thoughts:  “Nervous but excited about the race – it’s been a long year trying to balance everything – I’m in awe of people that do this regularly – Have fun – enjoy the day and Git-R-Done !”


 Jeff Braaten
In the “every other year plan” this will be IM number 3 for Jeff.  His previous two (in ‘05 and ‘07) were also in Panama City Beach.  His race day expectations: “I have 3 goals. First and always is to finish and enjoy the fact that I can do this type of thing. Second goal is to go under 11 hours but I realize a time goal is tough with so many variables out of my control. And third I would like to finish in the top 10 of my age group. The last goal is my “one thing”. Unlike my first two IM’s I feel I have really trained for this one and want to see the results of the work.”


James Lewis III

James is a US Navy instructor pilot stationed at NAS Whiting Field in Milton (near Pensacola) FL.  This will be his second IM and first IMFL.  His race day expectations: “IMUSA was my first. My goal there was to finish strong with a smile and I think I did. Finished in 12:02 at Lake Placid; I’m looking to “race” IMFL a bit. I did the OS last Dec-Mar then did some racing during the spring summer (half mary, 2 HIMs, several Olys). Also did a good bit of straight up bike racing this summer. Lots of fun.  Moved from West Palm Beach FL to my current location in August, just about when I started my IMFL training plan, so that was a bit tricky. But I’ve managed to get in most if not all the workouts and feel like I’m ready to take on IMFL and do well. Hoping to finish in 10:35-10:55, depending on weather conditions.”  His ‘one thing’ on Saturday: “My girlfriend Tabitha and my 14-month old son (Byron) will be at the finish line. Seeing them is one of my two things; my other is striving to see less than 10:45 when I cross the line. I’d prefer not to puke after I finish…that would be a bonus.”


Greg Charbeneau
This will be IM number 3 for Greg and third IM with EN.  This will also be IM number 2 this year having raced IMUSA in July.  First time on the Florida course and his expectations:  “I expect to have an awesome day, great weather and a great run! I will be flying solo because the family could not come, however I know they will be there in spirit cheering me on. I will also be thinking of Megan, my youngest daughter since she has a cross country meeting while I will be riding. My one thing will be focusing on Kona and beating my brother in law!!!!!”


David Browning
First Ironman for David.  His thoughts for race day:  “On race day I expect I will be nervous but will have the confidence the Endurance Nation coaching has prepared me to have a great day.  I expect the race will be very similar to the rehearsals as far as time and feel. I know that I will have to nail my nutrition in order to execute the rest of the race perfectly.  I expect that when I get out on the run I will feel better than anticipated and will finish strong.  My “one thing”. Will be my wife Carol.  The thought of her waiting at the finish line anxiously looking at her watch will keep me on pace and pushing to finish strong.”


Bernie Conway

Bernie is a veteran IMer with 21 IM’s to date.  This will be his 6th time in Panama City Beach.  As an experience Ironman his race day thoughts:  “I expect to be tired, sore, patient, focused, and strong. My “one thing” is “make myself proud.”


Paul Jouet
This is IM number three for Paul and his second time on the IMFL course.  His thoughts for race day:  “My goal this year is to break 12 hours, my time last year was 14:18:33, so my ‘one thing’ is 2:19. This will be my first Ironman training with EN; I look forward to riding with power, running with pace, and mile 18.”


Chad Scott
IM number two for Chad.  His first IM experience was a hot, hot, hot IM Arizona April 2008 –  ” having suffered through IMAZ. That was a race I care not to remember, I got sick on the bike and it was all down hill from there.”  Fast forward to his race day expectations for Saturday:  “My expectations for this race are to execute my race plan with no hiccups. I feel like I now possess the knowledge on how to properly execute an Ironman and I can’t wait to put it to the test. My one thing is , “I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Phil 4:13″. “

For More information about Team Endurance Nation and their training philosophy, check out their great resources on their site at Team EN

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