Typical Ironman Training Week

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by Justin Daerr

It can be enlightening to read how a real athlete trains. The following is by Justin Daerr, an age-group triathlete. In the 2004 Hawaii Ironman he was the first American amateur in only his third Ironman-distance race.

Throughout the triathlon season my training schedule is continually changing. During the early part of the year my coach, Joe Friel, and I focus more on strength training and skills. I still spend a fair amount of time on the road, on the trails, and in the pool, but the overall intensity of the sessions is low.

After a solid strength foundation has been established I begin to ramp up the volume of my training along with the intensity. During this base period of training I am swimming, biking and running nearly twice as much as in the previous prep period. Strength training is no longer the primary focus, but is instead put into a maintenance mode. Aerobic volume has now become the number one priority.

The base period of my training ended this year before I headed off to Boulder, Colorado, on Memorial Day weekend. Throughout this summer I have been incorporating more challenging sessions that revolve around race-specific intensity.

No week looks identical to the last, but the following weekly schedule is fairly close to what you might see me doing during the 2005 summer in Boulder.
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Triathlon Training “Return On Investment”

This is a great article from Rich & Patrick over at TeamEN.   In essence, what is 40 hours of NOT Training Worth to You?   As an age-group / weekend warrior athlete that doesn’t have any intention of “trying to win”, it’s not feasible to put in the hours on the training schedule that elites and pros do on any given day.  We work, we have lives, we have to do 30 acres of laundry every other day, etc etc and expecting to get 30 hours of training a week is assinine.  I’ve got a pretty darn full plate to begin with, so *squeezing* in time to train around my already nutty schedule is almost a herculean task in itself – nevermind actually doing Ironman.  I’m sure many of you out there can relate!   Read on for more about their take on “Training ROI”

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