Work…Apparently WORKS.

… well DUH.

but to elaborate on that – a SPECIFIC kind of work works.   What the hell does that mean?  Ok, up in here in Vancouver, it’s not exactly “ideal” weather to be riding outside (albeit it’s been one of the best winters I can recall in terms of lack of  precipitation) so most of us have been relegated to sitting on a trainer from November to March.   I dunno about you, but the thought of spending anymore time than an hour on a trainer is asinine.

What I’ve been doing the last couple months during this “outseason” is high-intensity stuff and workouts that have a high return on investment in terms of amount of training time.  I’m currently at about 5 to 6 hours of training a week TOTAL including prep-time.  With the exception of one drive out to the Peak Centre for Human Performance for their winter race series each week, all my training is done within 10 steps of the front door  – strap on shoes, bang, I’m out the door for a run, or throw my leg over the bike on the trainer and I’m givin ‘er.

This is all part of the Endurance Nation way of training.

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Team EN vs Ironman Florida 2009 Roll Call

**via Team Endurance Nation / Ironman Florida

This weekend is the eleventh running of the Ironman Florida in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Endurance Nation will be represented by 15 athletes this Saturday. Below is a snap shop of our racers for Saturday.  Also be on the look out for EN racers:  Craig Watson, Greg Cole, Kate Green, Maura McCrann,  John Smith, and Dawn & Greg Guarriello.

Bill Russell
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