TacX Fortius Indoor Trainer

In my travels, I’ve come across many TacX Fortius reviews and many people agree the system is pretty sweet. The TacX is a “Virtual Reality” indoor cycling trainer that provides you with a high-tech workout everytime you climb into the saddle. The advantage of this type of trainer is its ability to interface directly with your computer which allows you to experience multiple simulated training scenarios.  (*click image for more info)The general opinion of the Tacx Fortius is that as soon as you get your bike mounted, you’re in for a a great workout treat. Even though your indoors, you’ll enjoy the feeling of riding outside while your friends are getting soaked! You can choose from some exciting virtual locations to bike around and the TacX has various courses with names like Atlantis, Callisto and Olympus.

The Tacx Fortius is a fairly technical piece of training equipment and would be considered professional quality. In fact many pro cyclists use the exact same system to warm-up or train during the off season when heading outdoors just isn’t possible. Due to the virtual courses it provides, you might actually look forward to your next training session since you’ll be able to check out different parts of the world as your ride.

The Tacx Fortius connects directly to your PC, allowing for an almost endless supply of workouts. You can compete in virtual races, go on a discovery ride, or simply freewheel at your own pace. After reading the various Tacx Fortius reviews, avid cyclists use it for intense goal-oriented workouts or just more leisurely spin. The fun part is that you are part of the action on the screen as a virtual rider along with other virtual cyclists.

If you’re looking for a high quality indoor cycling trainer, the Tacx Fortius is definitely worth looking into. You won’t find anything like it with any other traditional stationary trainer. The Tacx Fortius is a high-quality piece of exercise equipment that includes the PC interface and software to provide you with a virtual experience while you work out that is second to none. Check it out today!

Tacx Fortius Indoor Virtual Reality Trainer

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TACX Fortius Trainer Review

Introducing the TacX Fortius interactive trainer which allows you to train on your bike in various virtual locations to build your cycling endurance.  The trainer comes with a powerful motor brake for giving resistance and virtual reality software to help create the situation you are riding in. The included software has 3 different versions called Atlantis, Olympus and Callisto.

The TacX Fortius interfaces with your computer to handle all the ride simulation programming. The virtual modes you can choose from include animated images, graphic training or actually cycling within live recorded video. The riders you will encounter in the virtual ride will have real movements. You can simulate racing, go for a leisurely spin or setup fitness specific training. If you want to race, you can decide where you want to race. Italy, France, Spain and Belgium are a few of the countries you can choose from.

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Some of the data the TacX Fortius provides during the ride are speed, cadence, heart rate, distance, time and wind direction – just to name a few. You can select the type of race and the terrain you want to ride on. The resistance motor gives real-time feedback and the appropriate resistance when climbing uphill or cruising downhill. The motor simulates outdoor road riding very realistically and gives you the same feedback you’d experience while riding outside on the road with your bike.

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