The 21st Century Triathlon Rockstar

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Time for some Intervals, baby!

Every year triathlon coaches begin to recycle the advice not to be a “winter” rockstar; someone who trains hard in the Winter only to peak and fade long before the season even starts. Instead of working out so hard these coaches suggest you begin laying the foundation for a great season by “training to train,” something that involves putting in many hours of “base” work on the trainer, treadmill and in the pool.

Unlike these coaches, we have spent the last three seasons being rockstars. In fact, we have worked to build a team of rockstars who emerge from their winter “pain caves” stronger and fitter than ever before…and proceed to have breakthrough seasons. We are here to tell you that these triathlon coaches are sadly mistaken in their approach, and that there’s a better way to train that makes you fitter & faster, takes up far less time during the dark, cold winter months, and will utterly transform you as a triathlete.

Are you ready?
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Measuring Progress in the OutSeason

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Using metrics to measure your fitness is a double-edged sword. No more is this true than in the OutSeason, when the fitness you have right now is competing with the fitness you had during the season. Don’t be depressed by the disparity; instead find a deeper meaning in what the numbers are telling you.

Let’s say I have a “friend” whose FTP was 325 last season. He’s a big doode, so it’s actually not that impressive. For 9 months he thought of himself as Mr 325; that’s what he tested, that’s what he rode…it was just a huge part of his being. Enter the OutSeason. After a few weeks off, my “friend” starts training again only now indoors. The first test is a debacle; so hard it’s a slap to the face…the net outcome is 305 watts. It’s humble pie, it’s a bit of a knock-down, some might even say a step back.
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7 Tips for Success at the Ironman World Championship in Kona

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By Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann
Endurance Nation

As the Ford Ironman World Championship draws near, athletes preparing to race in Kailua-Kona are eager for any information to give them a leg up on the day.

There can be no doubt that racing on the Big Island presents one of the most daunting combinations of wind, heat, terrain and, of course, world-class competition. In short, there is no such thing as being too prepared for this race.

While no one has all of the answers, here is a quick review of the top questions inside Endurance Nation about competing at the IMWC. In addition to these race-specific tips, don’t forget to download our free race execution guide to help you manage the overall picture of racing as well. Travel safely and best of luck on race day!
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The Loooooong Road of Ironman Canada Training Begins…

Hey Folks!

Ok, so this is the sneak peak of my new ironman triathlon training blog – I’m working on a bunch of other stuff behind the scenes and suffice to say I am spending more time in front of the dang computer than on my bike but I digress…  Check back often as I’ll be doing a ton of changes in the next few weeks!

Before you know it, you’ll see videos, podcasts, tons of training articles, my ramblings about training, crazy adventures me and  buddies get up to, gear giveaways, etc etc etc.  The goal of this site will be to share my gong-show upcoming year en route to Ironman Canada 2010.   Since I’m just a regular joe-average triathlete, I’ve got a life, I’ve got a job, I’ve got other things to do besides train, eat and nap – so my goal is to achieve some sort of balance juggling all this stuff and let all ya’all know how I’m doing it.   In following the Endurance Nation protocols,  it’s ALLLL about maximizing training ROI and I’ll be incorporating a lot of their training methodology in my training.

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The IronHead Crew at Ironman Canada*If you were at IMC 2007, you may have seen “our heads” out on the course!