Pre Ironman Swimming: Get Fixed before you Get Wet

** via Endurance Nation

One of the big changes for the 2010 Ironman season is that there are no more official open water sponsored swims in the mornings before the race. Triathletes will be on their own to get in some swimming before the race. On one hand, the swim is really the least important part of your day. It’s really the price of admission to the rest of the race: it’s the shortest leg time-wise, it’s the shortest leg distance-wise. But all that said, if you measure the stress levels associated with the different legs of an Ironman Triathlon, the swim would probably rank the highest.

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So You’re Not A Strong Swimmer?

Holy cow – suffice to say I’m VERY happy that I’ve never had to contend with sh*t like this during a race… I can 100% guarantee I’d be fish food or a subject for a future episode of Deadliest Catch Triathlon Edition… I remember the very first open-water swim I did which was at an Olympic tri – what a humbling experience that was!  and to think I signed up for Ironman when I couldn’t even swim the length of a 25M pool!!  Anybody out there have a crazy race swim story they want to share? Leave a comment!

Waves at the LA Triathlon

If you aren’t the greatest swimmer and want to improve your triathlon swim time, check out this great triathlon swimming resource by Coach Kevin Koskella