The 21st Century Triathlon Rockstar

** via Endurance Nation

Time for some Intervals, baby!

Every year triathlon coaches begin to recycle the advice not to be a “winter” rockstar; someone who trains hard in the Winter only to peak and fade long before the season even starts. Instead of working out so hard these coaches suggest you begin laying the foundation for a great season by “training to train,” something that involves putting in many hours of “base” work on the trainer, treadmill and in the pool.

Unlike these coaches, we have spent the last three seasons being rockstars. In fact, we have worked to build a team of rockstars who emerge from their winter “pain caves” stronger and fitter than ever before…and proceed to have breakthrough seasons. We are here to tell you that these triathlon coaches are sadly mistaken in their approach, and that there’s a better way to train that makes you fitter & faster, takes up far less time during the dark, cold winter months, and will utterly transform you as a triathlete.

Are you ready?
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Rethinking the Triathlon “OutSeason”

*via Endurance Nation

Over the past year, Team EN has shared many articles and great tips on training and racing Ironman triathlon, the very same guidance that their 400+ members have used for 200 Ironman finishes, with several age group podiums and wins. They are now transitioning the Team into the OffSeason, the most powerful time of our athletic year, and it’s time to outline exactly how you too can make the most of the winter.  Don’t miss the invitation to their FREE OutSeason seminar at the end of the post!    Read on for more info…
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