Measuring Progress in the OutSeason

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Using metrics to measure your fitness is a double-edged sword. No more is this true than in the OutSeason, when the fitness you have right now is competing with the fitness you had during the season. Don’t be depressed by the disparity; instead find a deeper meaning in what the numbers are telling you.

Let’s say I have a “friend” whose FTP was 325 last season. He’s a big doode, so it’s actually not that impressive. For 9 months he thought of himself as Mr 325; that’s what he tested, that’s what he rode…it was just a huge part of his being. Enter the OutSeason. After a few weeks off, my “friend” starts training again only now indoors. The first test is a debacle; so hard it’s a slap to the face…the net outcome is 305 watts. It’s humble pie, it’s a bit of a knock-down, some might even say a step back.
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Work (when training) actually WORKS

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You have a secret. You love your job, the experience, your co-workers, etc., but you know you can get it all done in six hours a day. Or three. Problem is, The Man won’t let you. You gotta punch the clock, have to show up between 9-5, do the commute thing, etc.

Unfortunately for you, your boss isn’t interested in the outcomes of your work as much as the inputs. There’s a direct assumption that if you work 40+ hours a week, you will be a productive, informed, and all-round good employee. So you follow the rules and toe the line, but deep down you still think about your little secret.
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