VO2 Max Testing

So what the hell does riding a computrainer in the lab at the Peak Center For Human Performance look like? Here ’tis…

I was trying to tell Hoz to pull the viewfinder on the camera out, but with the snorkel jammed in my mouth, you obviously can’t really understand what the heck I’m saying ūüėČ ¬† … and gotta like where he’s filming his thumb…

Pedal harder!!

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Peak Winter Racing Series Stage 3

Well, contrary to the title of my BLOG – apparently I can, and WILL bonk.

Apparently the word “PACING” completely escaped from my vocabulary and just like my 2005 BMO marathon, I blew out of the gates like a bat outta hell on fire and pretty much exploded in a heap of burning flesh and sweaty cycling gear about 20 mins into the course. I actually stopped pedalling at one point to recover – who does that during a time-trial???!? Oh, apparently *I* do…

Anyway, for those of you reading this that ARE in the series (you lucky bastards), since my group was the first to go in this stage, you now have some valuable wisdom here for your attempt – settle into your z3 wattage and keep it steady throughout. Don’t go out at Z4 and Z5 and hope for the best – it don’t work… ūüėČ

In terms of course profile, although it was supposed to be a “fast and flat time trial course” – the definition of “flat” is very relative – it’s flat – like a ramp on a 1.5-3% grade the entire time. I think the only time there was any reprieve or *slight* downhill was when the leaders were so far ahead of me, it was like they tilted the sea-saw in my favour…

At any rate, the course is the same for everyone and I was overly ambitious in what wattage I thought I could sustain given my limited time in the saddle. Can’t really expect to hit my avg wattage from 2 years ago with just 4 weeks of cycling under my belt… Double-whammy with the fact I didn’t get much rest the last week after pulling a series of all-nighters at the office. And when I say “all-nighters”, I actually mean sleeping on the floor of my office for a couple hours during the project… NOT a good way to recover after stage 2.

Okies, so let’s see what happens this week and what I can pull out of my arse for this weekend.

Stay tuned!

Peak Winter Racing Series Stage 2

Well, it was equally as much of a suffer-fest the second time around as the first time – and on a “hilly” course profile no less – BAH.

There was 6 racers in my heat this time around and although I was able to eek out a 3rd place finish in this heat (only managed to edge out Jerry by 10ft and .86 seconds!), the first and second place guys were LIGHT YEARS ahead. It’s very humbling when you go against crit riders who have been doing this kind of racing consistantly for the entire year – or decade… Fatguy – Me – comes along and expects to be a contendor – or at least SOMEWHERE in the ball park but not so much…

In any case, it’s only the 2nd week and I have a history of having setting my expectations for everything I do pretty damn high – so we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks. Good news is, my avg wattage from the “days of old” are about 50 to 60 watts higher than what I’ve output the last two stages, so at least I know I’m capable of being amongst the top group. Suffice to say, I hate sucking at the bike – I’m not used to it – I don’t like it.

Stage 3 is a time-trial this Saturday (tomorrow – YIKES), so let’s see what the ol’ lungs and legs can do tomorrow ūüėČ

Stay tuned.

Ride With Rendal Winter Race Series Stage 1 at Peak Centre For Human Performance Burnaby, B.C. 
November 3, 2009

So this is essentially¬†the conversation that went on in my head during my devirginization at the first stage of 21 stages of the 2009/2010 Peak Centre Ride With Rendall Winter Race Series – “ACK, WHEEZE, GASP….I don’t remember 250watts being this fricken hard… GASP, WHEEZE….*expletive expletive* WHEEZE, GASP (crank up to 300 watts and then implode after 30 secs)¬† GASP WHEEZE WHEEZE….could my power output be any MORE erratic?!…. GASP HACK COUGH…. What the hell,¬†275 watts didn’t feel like this 2 years ago….GASP GASP HACK WHEEZE….Holy F*#KNUTS, it’s only been 10 minutes……HACK GASP WHEEZE…..that green line is supposed to be downhill… I’m supposed to be going DOWNHILL DAMMIT *expletive expletive curse swear swear*…. Look, a Squirrel….GASP GASP….. (gasping less violent now since I have no energy to even do that and I’m beginning to black out)……why is my left arm going numb….GASP GASP….. Ironman is going to REALLY suck if I don’t get my bike fitness back…. HACK GASP WHEEZE…..I think I swallowed my tongue….. HACK, WHEEZE, GASP CURSE…….Mike, I hope you have a bucket that I can puke into…. GASP HACK WHEEZE…….apparently I can’t sustain enough enough power to light a flashlight bulb…..WHEEZE…ACK… I think my zone 3 from 2 years ago is now my current zone 5…¬†*curse swear swear*…..hey, am I hallucinating and whats with¬†the silver platter and why is my ass being handed to me on it…”

So there ya have it… pretty much the recap of what went on during various bits of the 49 minutes of suffering during the stage.¬† On the bright side, it only took about 20 minutes for me to have this epiphany of “holy shite, I got a¬†LOT of work to do” and I suppose it’s better I discovered this NOW rather than next MAY…

All joking aside, it was humbling.¬† Considering I haven’t exactly spent any time on my bike since Ironman 2007, I couldn’t really expect to keep up with other veteran racers in the series¬†who have¬†actually used their bikes as more than a clothes hanger and/or decorative art in their living room like I have for the last couple years.¬†¬† It was very impressive seeing some of the other guys maintain 300+ watts for the stage relatively easy while I was¬†all over the map and¬†even 200 watts was uncomfortable – My power curve would have looked like some sort of roller coaster ride at DisneyWorld….oh man…. *cont’*

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