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Have you been contemplating training for a marathon? It does not matter whether you are planning to do this as a runner, as a walker, or as a runner/walker using what I call micro-level pacing.

Marathon training is bad for you! Here are seven reasons:

1. You may develop calluses on your feet.

We are talking about big, ugly calluses:

  • The kind that will require a LOT of pedicure work to remove
  • The kind that will disgust people when you go barefoot or wear flip-flops
  • The kind that will scratch you or your partner in bed


2. Friends will not understand your schedule.

For example, you could be asleep by 8 PM on a Friday night — two hours before your friends even leave their homes to get together for a party — just so you can get up early on a Saturday morning for a long training run or walk.

Or you might miss the end of a sporting event or other popular TV program on another weeknight or on a Sunday night because you (again!) have to go to bed early so that you can get up early for a workout. So you will not be able to discuss the end of the game or show the next day at work or the next evening with your friends.

What a bore!

3. You will not recognize yourself.

You will catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or large glass door after having trained for several months, and at first you will believe that it is someone else.

  • You will look happier.
  • You will have more energy.
  • You will walk with a new self-assurance.

Who IS this person?!

4. Friends will think you have gone all “woo-woo” on them.

Your friends will start to suspect that a metaphysics “guru” has drained your bank account. Why?

  • You will tell them about how you have been using visualization to prepare for your marathon.
  • You will tell them that you have been working on clearing your negative beliefs about marathoning.
  • You will describe to them all the mental tricks that you plan to use on race-day.

What a nut-job!

5. Your clothes will stop fitting you.

Your wardrobe will turn against you. Out of the blue, you will start to notice that clothes that formerly fit you no longer do.

  • Your thighs will be too tight in your skinny jeans.
  • Your trousers will fall off your waist.
  • Your shirts will be too large.


6. You will meet lots of wonderful people.

Most people cannot train for a marathon as a solitary endeavour. As a result:

  • You will join a group training program and meet lots of fellow marathon aspirants who will support you with your goal.
  • You will go online and meet helpful folks who respond to your blog-post comments and your forum posts.
  • You will attend special events where speakers and others will advise and encourage you.

Social butterfly!

7. You will stop sleeping in on Saturday mornings.

You will rise extra early on Saturday mornings so that you can complete a long training run or walk and be home before most people have even stirred in bed. The consequences each Saturday morning?

  • You will not get to enjoy that groggy feeling from getting too much sleep.
  • You will not get to snuggle with your partner, your kids, your pets, or simply your pillow.
  • You will not get to procrastinate on Saturday-morning chores because you slept until noon.


On the other hand: If these seven reasons make no sense to you, then train for that marathon!

Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D., loves to walk and run, and his website provides practical research for runners and walkers. By going to, you can get his FREE “Avoiding Injury by Micro-Level Pacing” special report.

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