Ok, so this is going to be one of the more random posts I’ll make, but I was watching Mythbusters just now and one of the experiments they did was the effects of stress on fuel consumption.  WHAT?   Basically, they were comparing how you would drive your car in a “happy / relaxed” mood vs a “stressed / pissed off” mood – and how that would affect how much gas you used (which basically translated to how hard you accelerated, how hard you braked, how smoothly you handled your car.

Well, as you probably guessed, driving while “stressed and pissed” resulted in almost a 33% LOSS in fuel efficiency!  Over the same course, same obstacles, same distance (actually, in even LESS distance) – the experiment resulted in a significant amount of gas being wasted.

So what the heck does this have with triathlon and training or racing you ask?   Well, think of how much of your own energy you could be wasting if you’re not relaxed and smooth while swimming, or biking or running.

Think it’s a stretch?   Next time you’re out for a training session, focus on being relaxed and smooth and not focus on the dude that cut you off and see if it results in a lower heart rate and better workout – even if it DOESN’T – I bet you’ll feel a helluva lot better enjoying your time while training / racing rather than being stressed about an umpteen number of things that probably have absolutely no bearing on what you should be concentrating on at that moment.

HAPPY training / racing folks… “boom di yada boom di yada…”

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