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I'm just an average age-grouper / weekend warrior blogging about Ironman Triathlon Training and this complex puzzle of juggling life, having fun and reporting on my various feats of strength and endurance adventures!

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Triathlon cycling training?

Triathlon cycling training?

Hey guys ive done 4 olympic triathlons with my best time being a 2:03. Just wondering good training methods as far as cycling is concerned. With running I always switch it up. I do intervals, sprints, longer runs, shorter runs, etc. Can this be applied to cycling as well?? I tend to cycle the same way every time. Just hold 20 mph, listen to my tunes, and breathe. I usually Read the rest of this entry

Reduce & Avoid Common Running Injuries by Newton Running

This is an article from the Newton Running Shoe website. I figure at least 60% of the guys up at Ironman Canada this year were wearing them. I’ve been using them as well but unfortunately my hulking carcass and slightly gimpy knee doesn’t like them for long training – but I hope to get some solid tempo training in with them this winter.

Newton Running Shoes

Efficient form and lightweight shoes are the keys to staying healthy

By Danny Abshire, co-founder, Newton Running

Do you think a running shoe with a thickly cushioned heel pad and rigid medial post can keep you from suffering common running injuries such as plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome or shin splits? Think again.

Read More About Newton Running Shoes

TriathleteFood Twitter Post: Like your beef? Read this…

TriathleteFood: RT @richroll: Like your beef? Read this…Scary NY Times piece on flawed beef inspections. #plantstrong NY Times Article
Read more…

Triathlon Training “Return On Investment”

This is a great article from Rich & Patrick over at TeamEN.   In essence, what is 40 hours of NOT Training Worth to You?   As an age-group / weekend warrior athlete that doesn’t have any intention of “trying to win”, it’s not feasible to put in the hours on the training schedule that elites and pros do on any given day.  We work, we have lives, we have to do 30 acres of laundry every other day, etc etc and expecting to get 30 hours of training a week is assinine.  I’ve got a pretty darn full plate to begin with, so *squeezing* in time to train around my already nutty schedule is almost a herculean task in itself – nevermind actually doing Ironman.  I’m sure many of you out there can relate!   Read on for more about their take on “Training ROI”

Read More On Training Return on Investment

I Will Not Bonk? What The Heck Does THAT mean?

Ok folks, unless you’re an endurance athlete, you may have actually NEVER HEARD of the term “bonk“.   Fair enough, inquiring minds what to know, so this is the definition as per wikipedia:

“In endurance sports, particularly cycling and running, hitting the wall or the bonk describes a condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, which manifests itself by precipitous fatigue and loss of energy. Milder instances can be remedied by brief rest and the ingestion of food or drinks containing carbohydrates. The condition can usually be avoided by ensuring that glycogen levels are high when the exercise begins, maintaining glycogen levels during exercise by eating or drinking carbohydrate-rich substances, or by reducing exercise intensity.”

So to avoid this nasty situation of “hitting the wall“, there’s obviously a lot of science and physiological mumbo jumbo behind how to actually achieve that. The byproduct of a good training program is of course to prepare you for a whatever race you do, but to control as many variables as you can before and during the race – training like a champion for 2 years straight means diddly squattola if you don’t execute your race strategy properly (ahem, my ironman 2006). So in another words, there’s preparing yourself in terms of fitness for your race but there’s also preparing yourself mentally for the race – do something stupid while executing your race strategy (if you even have one) – and there goes your day. (Picked up some pretty cool information via Endurance Nation so be sure to check them out)

Anyway, just say NO to the bonk. I’ll be talking more about this stuff as the year goes on…

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