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Ride With Rendal Winter Race Series Stage 1 at Peak Centre For Human Performance Burnaby, B.C. 
November 3, 2009

So this is essentially the conversation that went on in my head during my devirginization at the first stage of 21 stages of the 2009/2010 Peak Centre Ride With Rendall Winter Race Series – “ACK, WHEEZE, GASP….I don’t remember 250watts being this fricken hard… GASP, WHEEZE….*expletive expletive* WHEEZE, GASP (crank up to 300 watts and then implode after 30 secs)  GASP WHEEZE WHEEZE….could my power output be any MORE erratic?!…. GASP HACK COUGH…. What the hell, 275 watts didn’t feel like this 2 years ago….GASP GASP HACK WHEEZE….Holy F*#KNUTS, it’s only been 10 minutes……HACK GASP WHEEZE…..that green line is supposed to be downhill… I’m supposed to be going DOWNHILL DAMMIT *expletive expletive curse swear swear*…. Look, a Squirrel….GASP GASP….. (gasping less violent now since I have no energy to even do that and I’m beginning to black out)……why is my left arm going numb….GASP GASP….. Ironman is going to REALLY suck if I don’t get my bike fitness back…. HACK GASP WHEEZE…..I think I swallowed my tongue….. HACK, WHEEZE, GASP CURSE…….Mike, I hope you have a bucket that I can puke into…. GASP HACK WHEEZE…….apparently I can’t sustain enough enough power to light a flashlight bulb…..WHEEZE…ACK… I think my zone 3 from 2 years ago is now my current zone 5… *curse swear swear*…..hey, am I hallucinating and whats with the silver platter and why is my ass being handed to me on it…”

So there ya have it… pretty much the recap of what went on during various bits of the 49 minutes of suffering during the stage.  On the bright side, it only took about 20 minutes for me to have this epiphany of “holy shite, I got a LOT of work to do” and I suppose it’s better I discovered this NOW rather than next MAY…

All joking aside, it was humbling.  Considering I haven’t exactly spent any time on my bike since Ironman 2007, I couldn’t really expect to keep up with other veteran racers in the series who have actually used their bikes as more than a clothes hanger and/or decorative art in their living room like I have for the last couple years.   It was very impressive seeing some of the other guys maintain 300+ watts for the stage relatively easy while I was all over the map and even 200 watts was uncomfortable – My power curve would have looked like some sort of roller coaster ride at DisneyWorld….oh man…. *cont’*

What Is The Ride With Rendall / Peak Centre Winter Race Series? Read More!

Ironman Florida 2009 Race Preview by Endurance Nation

With mere days left before race day, athletes preparing for Ironman Florida in sunny Panama City Beach, FL, are starved for any information to give them a leg up on the competition. Renown as a great “first time” Ironman event, well over half the field here in any given year is brand new to the Ironman distance. While there is no such thing as an easy Ironman, IMFL does win points for being extremely straightforward: the course is flat, the weather is consistent and 140.6 miles is a long way to go.

Here is a quick review of the top questions inside Endurance Nation about racing Ironman Florida. In addition to these race specific tips, please download our free race execution guide, read by over 3800 Ironman athletes, to help you manage the overall picture of racing as well. Travel safely and best of luck on race day!

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Team EN vs Ironman Florida 2009 Roll Call

**via Team Endurance Nation / Ironman Florida

This weekend is the eleventh running of the Ironman Florida in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Endurance Nation will be represented by 15 athletes this Saturday. Below is a snap shop of our racers for Saturday.  Also be on the look out for EN racers:  Craig Watson, Greg Cole, Kate Green, Maura McCrann,  John Smith, and Dawn & Greg Guarriello.

Bill Russell
Bill is 54 years young Read the rest of this entry

Ironman Arizona 2009 Race Preview by Endurance Nation

** via Team Endurance Nation

With mere weeks left before race day, athletes preparing for Ironman Arizona in Tempe, AZ, are starved for any information to help them prep for this late-season race. After months and months of training and enduring multiple seasonal changes, race day is looming and it’s time to get focused.

Formerly an April event, IMAZ moved to November in 2008 because of the intense heat and challenges associated Read the rest of this entry

… and with added wisdom, hopefully speed comes with it!

So another year has passed in the “live of Tav”.   Amazing how quick time flies by and you quickly realize (at least in my case) how little you’ve actually accomplished since the last birthday!   Looking at my trusty Ironman 2010 countdown timer, apparently there’s a mere 305 days left before the “day of reckoning – part III”. Suffice to say, the next 305 days will go by quicker than you can say “a good dose of EPO would be great right about now” – har har har. Anyways, in reflecting upon the last year, I’ve pretty much accomplished 4/5ths of frick all except register for Ironman Canada 2010, de-train and injure my achilles…

Ok, not really, training is going pretty well for the “outseason” (to see what my outseason training program consists of, check out Team Endurance Nation).   As I alluded to above, getting older should mean getting smarter – and when it comes to “training smarter” for endurance sports, it all comes down to effective time management.  As a non-professional athlete, we aint getting paid to eat/sleep/train/nap/repeat – we blow way more money on this sport that one would like to think, so you better damn well get as much bang for your hard-earned buck as possible!   In terms of opportunity cost, you have to look at how much you are “giving up” when you’re slogging it out on the trainer or pounding the pavement instead of “working for the man” or spending time with your family or spouse or doing whatever else normal people do who aren’t obsessed with VO2 max and lactate thresholds.  (who are you people anyway?  j/k)

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