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So you've landed here on my iWillNotBonk.com Triathlon Training Blog and you're probably wondering who the hell this Tavis guy is and what iWillNotBonk is all about.

I'm just an average age-grouper / weekend warrior blogging about Ironman Triathlon Training and this complex puzzle of juggling life, having fun and reporting on my various feats of strength and endurance adventures!

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2018!? Starting from Square 1!

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Sprint Triathlon Training – Improve Your Bicycling Cadence and Get Faster

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

In bicycling, cadence refers to how many times the pedals spin per minute.  You can count your own cadence the same way you would count your pulse.  All you need is a stopwatch.  Count the number of times that one leg pushes down on the pedal for 10 seconds and multiply by 6.  You can count for a full minute if Read the rest of this entry

Sprint Triathlon Training – Overcome Procrastination and Move Your Fitness Forward

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

Everyone is familiar with procrastination and faces it on a daily basis. Most people tend to procrastinate activities or tasks that they don’t look forward to for some reason. Possible reasons include fear, lack of motivation, boredom or avoidance of some sort of pain or unknown factor.  Usually, we manage to overcome procrastination Read the rest of this entry

YouTube – Marathon Training – Choosing The Correct Shoe – Stu …

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

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Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

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Triathlon Training Tips For All Levels of Triathletes

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner triathlete, the following triathlon training tips will help you have a better race day.

Triathlon Training Tip #10

Train on the Bike you Race

One thing you must do is train on the bike you will use on race day.You don’t have to have the most expensive bike at the race as long as you Read the rest of this entry

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