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Endurance Nation Training PLans

Train Different For Better Results

There is only one thing can think of that’s worse than training the same way, year after year. That would be doing the same training over and over again…but hoping for different results.

Sounds simple enough, I know, yet tens of thousands of triathlete are guilty. When things don’t go right on race day, the typical answer is “train more.” But at some point “more” becomes impossible. Maybe you have maxed out your training time; maybe you just don’t want to be there anymore.

But you can always train different.
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Value in Easy Workouts?

* via Team Endurance Nation

Doing less, or nothing at all, is most often the RIGHT thing to do.

Question: If the prescribed intensity of a workout is just not happening, should I just go easy?

Rich Strauss: Rather than going easy, don’t be afraid to just pull the plug, take a day off and not do anything, especially on the bike.

We like to see our athletes get in 4-5 runs per week and we’ll _sometimes_ have them go out and “just run easy” in order to maintain that frequency. However, on the bike we like to see our athletes hit it hard on just about every ride. If it’s just not going to happen, I’d rather have that athlete bail on the ride, take a day off, regroup, and move on with the training schedule.

In our experience, there is value in running easy, for the sake of maintaining running frequency, building resilient legs, etc, but there is little value in riding easy. Feel like you need to ride easy to just get through the session? Consider bailing on the session and take a day off.

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Endurance Nation – Your Fitness Is Like Water

Coach Patrick outlines why having a plan is only a small part of being a self-coached triathlete…it’s how you manage your body’s response to the training that separates you from the pack. How well do you know your body’s signals for fatigue? Impending breakthrough? Learning to know yourself is a distinct competitive advantage.

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Knees Rejoice! Running ain’t So Bad After All

Debunking jogging myths

If you’re a runner, chances are you’ve been told that years of hitting the pavement are tough on the knees. And for fitness fanatics with sore knees, rest — not more exercise — is usually recommended for a speedy recovery.

Turns out both suggestions are outdated. More and more research points to exercise being good for your knees. And in some cases, exercise is just what the doctor ordered to get rid of persistent knee pain.

Stanford University researchers tracked the knee health of 98 runners and non-runners between 1984 and 2002. Imaging scans comparing the joint at the start and end of the study revealed that runners’ knees were no worse for wear than those of non-runners.

Also good to know is that the amount of mileage runners accumulate isn’t a factor in knee pain. A long-term study (subjects were followed for 40 years) noted no difference in the knee health of runners who logged 40 miles a week vs. those who ran 20 miles a week.

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Five Keys of Long Course Training, Part III: TeamEN vs Traditional Approaches

**via Team Endurance Nation

In Part I we introduced you to the Five Keys, and discussed one through four. In Part II we discussed Key 5, lactate threshold training. Finally, in Part III, we summarize how the “TeamEN Way” is different from how you’ve probably been accustomed to thinking about long course triathlon training.

Let’s start by reviewing perhaps the foundation of all endurance training: Progressive Overload
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