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So you've landed here on my iWillNotBonk.com Triathlon Training Blog and you're probably wondering who the hell this Tavis guy is and what iWillNotBonk is all about.

I'm just an average age-grouper / weekend warrior blogging about Ironman Triathlon Training and this complex puzzle of juggling life, having fun and reporting on my various feats of strength and endurance adventures!

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Question about marathon training?

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

Question about marathon training?

Ive signed up for a 6mile marathon in May, its for charity so I can't really get out of it now! Im really unfit but im willing to put in alot of work to get my fitness up but I need a good workout plan!
I work 9 – 4 everyday. I cant really afford a gym or a personal trainer but i do have a treadmill. Read the rest of this entry

Beginner Half Marathon Training Schedule – 7 Tips Choosing the Right One

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

You are looking for a beginner half marathon training schedule, which things are important and which ones are not?

Finding the training schedule that fit your needs can be difficult, definitely because of the large amount of schedules available on the Internet nowadays. I compiled the following tips for you:

Tip 1: Ask your friends/colleagues Read the rest of this entry

YouTube – Marathon Training & Running Tips : How to Eat & Drink …

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

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Marathon Running – Ultimate Training Programme

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

Many people start running to lose weight, I must admit I’m guilty of that too, but losing weight isn’t what kept me running. It wasn’t long before I lost weight; with running that was the easy part. I’m quite competitive by nature and soon I found myself wanting to run further and cover longer distances whilst trying to run faster Read the rest of this entry

Endurance Nation – Ironman Canada Results and Testimonials

Thirteen TeamEN athletes raced Ironman Canada last week. Below are their results, as well as a few race report excerpts and testimonials from our Race Report forum:

Chris Whyte — 10:09:37,  Kona

David Tall0 — 10:11:05

Tavis Yueng — 11:58:32

Wayne Young — 11:59:16

Graig Harris — 12:00:53

Barry Plaga — 12:20:53

Alessandro Commodari — 12:31:56

Dana Laytham-Herbert Read the rest of this entry

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