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So you've landed here on my iWillNotBonk.com Triathlon Training Blog and you're probably wondering who the hell this Tavis guy is and what iWillNotBonk is all about.

I'm just an average age-grouper / weekend warrior blogging about Ironman Triathlon Training and this complex puzzle of juggling life, having fun and reporting on my various feats of strength and endurance adventures!

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The Pre-Emptive Strike

If you are reading this, it is likely you are one of my actual real-world friends that I interact with face to face on a regular basis, perhaps an old friend that has (re)connected virtually with me via this crazy thing called face-crack, or maybe you’re a customer of GymSkinZ.com on the other side of the world.  Either way, on the off chance that we may interact in the next 30 days, consider this a “pre-emptive strike”.

Sorry for the impersonal announcement, but this is just more efficient.  For lack of a more eloquent or delicate way to put this, I will be on the rag from August 1 to August 28th. You likely know why if you are one of my “real world” friends that is reading this (you know who you are) – and not some random ‘facebook profile stalker’ that I’ve never even spoken to nor will ever meet (you folks also know who you are). In any case, this will only happen once this year, but please know this – I will be touchy, agitated, and maybe even down right ornery.  In the grand scheme of things, this is really only significant for the very few select people (those referenced earlier) currently in my sad little self-absorbed world that I actually WANT to interact with – the rest of you readers can move-along, nothing to see here nor concern yourself with.

It’s not personal and please don’t take anything I might say or do as such, it’s just an unfortunate (and potentially lethal) combination of glycogen, testosterone, anxiety, and WAY more carbohydrate chemical warfare than any one human being should ever consume within a calendar year.  In the interest of our continued good relationship, I’m asking that for these next 28 days, please give me wide berth and cut me some fricken slack or I am liable to rip your head and/or limbs clean off using only my bare hands. 

Yes, I am preparing for Ironman and strongly believe that I am ready, but NO – that does not reduce my anxiety and “panic defcon level” in any way, shape or form. 

Thank you to those that have exercised extreme patience over the last year (and more) for your continued support.  You may now return to your normal face-cracking.

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