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So you've landed here on my iWillNotBonk.com Triathlon Training Blog and you're probably wondering who the hell this Tavis guy is and what iWillNotBonk is all about.

I'm just an average age-grouper / weekend warrior blogging about Ironman Triathlon Training and this complex puzzle of juggling life, having fun and reporting on my various feats of strength and endurance adventures!

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Will a marathon hurt my shorter running times like 5k and 8k?

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Will a marathon hurt my shorter running times like 5k and 8k?

I wanna do a marathon, ive never done a marathon or halfmarathon however I runn on a college xc team our races are 8k and ive ran up to 13 miles without stopping and feel fine so i wanna do a marathon the thing is i want to not hurt my shorter runs such as 5k and 8k and am Read the rest of this entry

Marathon training food? – Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

Marathon training food?


I'm currently training for next years London Marathon. It's my first time and I'm reading up about what I should be eating before and after my training runs. I can see plenty of advice about what I should be eating around the race day, but what about now? 6mths before the race… When I finish Read the rest of this entry

Marathon Training – All You Need to Run Your Next Marathon

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

So, one of your goals this year is to run a marathon? This is quite a task and it will take more than keeping in shape and watching what you eat if you are serious about achieving it. To train effectively for this goal, you must have a well thought out and coherent plan that will bring you gradually to the right fitness levels. This Read the rest of this entry

YouTube – Marathon Training 7 Jan.MOV

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Marathon Training Essentials

Triathlon Blog | Triathlon Training

Training for marathons

If you are new to running, build up to the marathon with a minimum of six months’ training. If you are already running 30 miles or more every week on a regular basis, you can build up to the marathon distance in about three months.

Choosing a marathon

There’s plenty of variety on offer. You can choose to make Read the rest of this entry

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