…sour race marshall to ruin your race.

I was kind of irked today when reading about Pro Triathlete Gina Kehr’s experience at Kona this past weekend.  She received 4 penalties during the race – FOUR freaking penalties during the World Championships!!   Either the race referee forgot to wear her glasses, or she was on crack when marshalling the bike course as ANY rational triathlete knows that getting penalized once is bad enough and USUALLY results in you being more careful out there when assessing your draft zones.  Now to get carded TWICE – you pretty much avoid everyone around you like the plague and you’re so pissed you would probably do anything to make sure you don’t even come CLOSE to drawing attention.  So for a pro to get penalized FOUR times is pretty much a WTF??!?!  kind of situation.

For Gina’s blog post on this, check it out here:  Gina Kehr’s Blog

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