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With a little over 117 days left before Ironman Canada, I’ve seen a lot of people starting to “wake up” to the fact that in a little less 6 months, you’re gonna be doing this little thing called Ironman – maybe it’s time to start training 😉 Ok, well I hope that’s not the case, but one common question I’ve seen popping up is what is the bike course like? How hard is the bike course? How does it compare to Ironman {so and so}.

Well here’s a course profile showing elevation gain as well as a chart with all the IM courses and their respective vertical gain.  I can’t remember where the heck I found this thing but it’s all over various blogs and forums around the web.

*click image to enlarge

Below is a chart showing GPS elevation data from all the IM courses via motionbased (compiled via rcmioga at his blog)

here are the results of that analysis (total positive vertical elevation change in feet):

1. France 11193
2. Lanzarote 10282
3. Lake Placid 7911
4. Austria 7829
5. Australia 7659
6. Louisville 7578
7. Switzerland 7505
8. Wisconsin 7353
9. Canada 6719
10. Coeur D’Alene 5851
11. Brazil 5419
12. Germany 5281
13. S. Africa 5182
14. Hawaii 4554
15. Arizona 3824
16. W. Australia 2538
17. Florida 2007

**update.   Not sure how they arrived at these numbers above but please comment if you have some info you want to share!   Thanks to Sam from iamtri for sharing his own data below.

The courses I did and measured with both Suunto and SRM device:
IM Hawaii: 3600 ft
IM Germany: 3280 ft
IM Austria: 5580 ft
IM Lanzarote: 7800 ft

Attached is the Ironman Canada bike profile direct from the IMC site itself : (click to enlarge)

ironman canada bike elevation map

Hope this helps in your Ironman Canada Bike Race-Prep, Pre-Race Visualization, Mental Channeling, Meditation, etc etc etc…

Leave a comment and let’s see how everyone’s training is going and who is going to be up there for training rides this Spring / Summer!

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