Happy October folks… YIKES!

Where to begin – Ironman Canada 2010 was a success – more or less – and you can read all about it in the race report below.   Can’ t believe it’s already  been a couple months since then!  Where the hell does the time go?

Since then, I’ve done the Whistler Gran Fondo – AWESOME! – and accompanied my buddies Hozumi Nakai and Ron Scott in their 100mile ultramarathon craziness.   To think training for triathlons was hard – yah right.  Try to wrap your head around running 100miles!

It was an honor and privilege to pace Hoz for the remaining 20 or so miles during his Pine 2 Palms ultra and during that 5hour+ excursion over approx 10,000 of elevation change, I managed to record a bunch of audio as we slogged through the rain and wind and general delerious’ness of running mountain trails in the pitch black starting at 2am (for me).   FUN STUFF lemme tell ya!

I’ll get that posted on here soon so stay tuned!

With the shorter days and less daylight, be safe out there folks and happy training – catch up with ya soon!


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