As a working dude running multiple companies and involved with all sorts of different thing, training often falls (unfortunately) to the bottom of the daily priority list – there’s only so many hours in the day and trying to get my triathlon training in at the end of a 16hour day is pretty tough – nothing like going for a run or hopping on the trainer at 11pm…

Anyway, thanks to Patrick and Rich over at Team Endurance Nation, thankfully my weekly training schedule is only around 8 hours a week – and it still kicks my butt…

For those of you who want to train efficiently and maximize your training time during the “not so nice time of the year” (it’s kinda cold and rainy here in Vancouver), I highly recommend checking out their 2014 OutSeason Training Plan and then transition into one of their half or full ironman training plans. I used their plan for my last Ironman in 2010 and PB’d by an hour, but trained probably half the time I did for my previous IM. I’m just a recreational guy and I’m happy finishing under 12 hours, but even if you’re a top age grouper, their advanced plans are absolutely applicable to kick some butt in your age group (Coach Patrick ripped off a 9:58 in his last IM)

Either way, I trust everyone’s training has gotten off to a great start in 2014 and look forward to hearing how you guys do. Hit me up or follow me on the iwillnotbonk facebook page above.


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