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My FaceBook App…

The *BESTEST* function/feature EVER of Facebook is the “turn off all platform applications, games and websites” in privacy settings.  I will now endeavor to create my own facebook app called “Annoying-Idiotsville Bingo Wheel of Jeopardy and Doom”.
It’s premise is to advise every single one of your friends (and your relatives and casual aquaintances) via text, SMS, MMS, voice message to your home and office and fax (EVERY BLOODY TIME) if you take a piss, drink a glass of water, breathe, blink, turn your head to your left, nod, sit up, get out of your chair, brush your teeth, sit down in a chair, scratch your nose, type a comma, when another one of Tiger’s mistresses are revealed, turn your head to your right, sneeze, look at your watch, swipe your finger across your iPhone, commit a grammatical or spelling error, talk to your mom, start your car, cook spaghetti, or when Vince from SlapChop says “You’re gonna love my nuts”… basically think of *any* damn random thought or action possible – MY app will post it to your wall – twice, then 3 times in bold red text on every day that ends in a “Y”.
I expect millions of Facebook users… no no, actually EVERY Facebook User (all 19 gagillion of them) will undoubtedly feel compelled to download it…  for their iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone… abacus… tin can with string… Available in all languages including but not limited to Sanskrit, Romulan, Klingon, Vulcan and even that weird heiroglyphic alphabet that they use in Star Wars.  **First App update, (and be sure to “share/like/post” to all your friends in order to send me an oh-so-valuable, meaningful and OBVIOUSLY REQUESTED “virtual coin or egg-plant or spare carburetor” – actually you don’t even have to since my app is already posting to all your friends’ walls by virtue of the fact you’re still reading this) ….
“Tav has stopped typing… stood up and adjusted his package…”

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Back from Zion / Bryce Canyon / Vegas

Finally landed back home after a few days down in the US with Ron, Hoz and Cat. Zion and Bryce Canyon were ammmmaaazing! Vegas was… well… it was Vegas – same ole same ole but good time nevertheless. Ron and Hoz have a bunch of cool pics so once I get everything compiled, I’ll post ’em up for your viewing pleasure.

Hope everyone’s May has been progressing nicely and training is going full steam ahead for summer! (unlike mine! 😉

Okies, catch up with ya laterz.

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Swim, Bike, Run… Taxes…

So what’s a great “demotivator” for getting out and training? TAXES… agh…

Regardless, it’s a necessary evil we all have to deal with – just like we all have to train to swim, bike, run.  It’s April 25th or somewhere thereabouts and after yet another week of long days and “not enough sleep” nights, I’ve still manged to squeeze in some training over the last 7 days (and even got to the pool a couple times – INSANITY!)

Unfortunately the weather is rather crappy right now (torrential downpour) and the thought of going out for a 90min run in the rain isn’t so fun – so here I am writing a blog post as a means of procrastination. In any case, think I should get off my butt and head out there.

Hope you’re all having a great week and I’ll be catching up with ya’all soon.


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Where Does The Time Go…

Holy cow, apparently April is almost over and so is my block 1 of “in season” training… Not such a good thing considering I’ve put in less hours this month for training than I was in the “out season”… YIKES.

Anyway, to top off the suffering and to further reinforce the fact I’m a little behind in terms of fitness, we’re doing the Alpe D’Huez climb for the last stage of the Peak Winter Race Series. UH OH. Don’t expect any sub 40 minute Marco Pantani like performances from me tomorrow night – that I can be sure of.

You may have noticed a bunch of random posts that are now appearing on the site – they are actually from guest authors and I’m syndicating their articles on my site. So if you’re wondering why there’s a post about me being somewhere on the other side of the world doing my first Sprint Triathlon, you now know why 😉

Allrighty then, last note – wishing luck to all the folks doing Boston tomorrow and I’ll catch up with ya’all soon – hopefully via a damn video or podcast for crying out loud! All my other entrepreneurial ventures are sucking up all of my time and will to live but I assure you, come hell or high water there will be some videos and podcasts posted on here (and iTunes). Oh, and some new t-shirts as well.

Have a great week folks and talk to ya laterzzz!
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Building a Faster Ironman Run: Running Faster

**via Endurance Nation

Let’s begin by breaking the topic down into two major components: Running Potential and Running Success.

Running Potential: “What CAN I run on race day, given current fitness, training, etc?” The best predictor of Running Potential on race day is your VDot score.
Running Success: “Given my running potential, what WILL I run on race day.” The best predictor of Running Success on race day is race execution skills.

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