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Should You Use New Shoes on Race Day?

You need to test new shoes before running a marathon, but put too many pre-race miles on the shoes, and they lose some of their freshness. Here are Hal's suggestions for preparing your new shoes for race day.

Long Term Goal Planning for Cyclists

Planning your season is your first step to making 2016 great. Use these steps from coach O’brien Forbes to create your plan and get set up for success. 

The Integrity of Doing Your Best in Endurance Sports

Finisher medals, a spot on the podium, a time goal or maybe even the overall win are all highly motivating prizes. But if you dig deeper you may find that you are in search of a more significant personal truth. Authenticating core values is a powerful motivator and integrity is one of the most highly regarded of those values.

Power Analysis: Michael Morkov Gent Six Days

Michael Morkov is a strong rider that takes little time off. After race a full season on the World Tour, Morkov has hit the track to keep his fitness high. View his power from the Gent Six Day race.

5 Things Triathletes Should Not Do in the Off Season

The off season is a balance between recharging your mind and body and losing too much fitness. Avoiding these five mistakes will help you strike that balance, have a strong off season, and go into the 2016 season ready to reach your goals.

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