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Running a Marathon With Heel Pain

Hal helps a runner who has been experiencing heel pain and hasn't hit their planned mileage while training. His advice is to visit a podiatrist and stay on the low side of the prescribed runs during the final 3-week taper.

Mental Preparation and Workouts for Indoor Cycling

With winter weather comes time spent on the trainer. Get the most from each session with these tips on mental preparation and workouts from coach Taylor Thomas.

Athletics: This Week in Running for Week Ending November 29th

From The Analytical Distance Runner.<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

Power Terminology For Cycling

A power meter is the most effective tool to make sure you are training effectively. To be used correctly, you do need to know a few key terms, like Functional Threshold Power, Normalized Power, and Variability Index. Read more to learn about those terms, and others, and how they apply to your training.

Improved Goal Setting Using Best Bike Split

A good goal is one that is challenging but attainable. Getting that balance right can be tricky, but with the help of Best Bike Split, you can set the right goals for your races.

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