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Do You Have Your RoadID yet?

These made for some great gifts for my training buddies – albeit they came a week late to put under the xmas tree.   These make a great gift for the important people in your life.  Click on the banner above for details!

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Check Out All The Newtons in Kona !

** via The Running Front Anybody else running in Newtons? How do ya like ’em? Leave a Comment!

Newton Running Shoes

October 7th, 2009 by Sir Isaac
Aloha from Kona! Team Newton is representing in Hawaii, supporting all of the Newton pros and age-groupers training and racing in the Ironman World Championships this week.

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Reduce & Avoid Common Running Injuries by Newton Running

This is an article from the Newton Running Shoe website. I figure at least 60% of the guys up at Ironman Canada this year were wearing them. I’ve been using them as well but unfortunately my hulking carcass and slightly gimpy knee doesn’t like them for long training – but I hope to get some solid tempo training in with them this winter.

Newton Running Shoes

Efficient form and lightweight shoes are the keys to staying healthy

By Danny Abshire, co-founder, Newton Running

Do you think a running shoe with a thickly cushioned heel pad and rigid medial post can keep you from suffering common running injuries such as plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome or shin splits? Think again.

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