Introducing the TacX Fortius interactive trainer which allows you to train on your bike in various virtual locations to build your cycling endurance.  The trainer comes with a powerful motor brake for giving resistance and virtual reality software to help create the situation you are riding in. The included software has 3 different versions called Atlantis, Olympus and Callisto.

The TacX Fortius interfaces with your computer to handle all the ride simulation programming. The virtual modes you can choose from include animated images, graphic training or actually cycling within live recorded video. The riders you will encounter in the virtual ride will have real movements. You can simulate racing, go for a leisurely spin or setup fitness specific training. If you want to race, you can decide where you want to race. Italy, France, Spain and Belgium are a few of the countries you can choose from.

–> Tacx Fortius Multiplayer Virtual Reality Trainer

Some of the data the TacX Fortius provides during the ride are speed, cadence, heart rate, distance, time and wind direction – just to name a few. You can select the type of race and the terrain you want to ride on. The resistance motor gives real-time feedback and the appropriate resistance when climbing uphill or cruising downhill. The motor simulates outdoor road riding very realistically and gives you the same feedback you’d experience while riding outside on the road with your bike.

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