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6 Steps to Follow When Planning Your Next Triathlon Season

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With thousands of races to choose from, finding the right triathlon can be an overwhelming task. Use these 6 steps to narrow down your search and choose the right races for your next season.

Using Run Power to Perfect Your Ironman Run

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Coach Jim Vance analyzes two running power files from the IRONMAN World Championships and explains how running power meters can help you define the specific intensity for your Ironman run training and racing.

Why Planning With Training Stress Score is the Most Accurate Way to Plan Your Season

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We asked Expert Coaches Alan Couzens and Jim Vance to explain why and how they plan their athletes’ seasons with Training Stress Score (TSS).

How To Plan Your Season with Training Stress Score

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The best workouts are measured by both duration and intensity. Learn how to plan your season with Training Stress Score (TSS) and event Fitness (CTL) methodologies to reach your peak performance for race day.

Announcing Season Planning with Training Stress Score

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Available today, you can now design your annual training plan using Training Stress Score (TSS). Plan your ATP more precisely using both duration and intensity.

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