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Reaching His Peak: Alpinist David Goettler Uses the Help of a Coach to Push His Limits

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Top performance can be a matter of life and death for alpinist David Goettler. After years of being self-coached, Goettler realized he needed an expert to help him attain a higher level of fitness. Goettler describes how hiring a coach has helped him achieve his goals and inspired him to reach for more.

How Running Power Meters Work

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Run power meters are the newest way for runners and triathletes to measure their workload and analyze their efforts. Coach Jim Vance explains what these power meters measure, how they work, and how you can use the data to be a better runner.

Tracking Aerobic Threshold Training with WKO4

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Strong aerobic fitness is crucial to being a successful cyclist or triathlete. Using heart rate and specific charts in WKO4 allows you to track this important metric to build fitness and see when to change the focus of your training.

Preparing for a Hot Race While Training in the Cold

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Triathletes racing late season races in hot climates face the challenge of acclimating to the conditions. Coach Lance Watson offers his tips and advice on how you can prepare for warm weather race no matter where you live.

Inspired Confidence: How Helle Frederiksen's Coach Helped Her Become Her Best

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Danish triathlete Helle Frederiksen started her triathlon career as a short course specialist, making the Olympic Team in 2012. She then transitioned to long course racing and has won many of the biggest races in the sport. Read her words on how her coach, Joel Filliol, was instrumental in giving her the confidence and guidance to make her transition a successful one. 

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