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Individualized Training: The What, Why, and How Of the New WKO4 iLevels

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The new iLevels in WKO4 can help you train more effectively and efficiently. Dr. Andrew Coggan explains the basis for the new iLevels and how you can use them to improve.

The Four Benefits of Being Sick

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Every endurance athlete gets sick at some point in their training. Rather than panic, Suzanne Flannigan suggests you use it as a way to improve. She lists her four benefits of getting sick to help you make the most of what is usually a tough situation.

Building and Maintaining Aerobic Conditioning Using Your Best Easy Pace

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Building a strong aerobic base is not just for the early season. As coach Laura Bennett explains, triathletes should continue building their base through the season to improve their performance on race day.

The Four Phases of Sprint Training

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Developing a fast sprint take specific training and skills. To get that final top end speed, Coach O’Brien Forbes lays out the fours phases of sprint training to take your sprint to the next level.

3 Recipes for Increased Recovery

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Recovering well from a workout is as important as the workout itself. The need to get in the right nutrients is the same whether you prefer whole foods or smoothies. These three recipes will help you replenish your system to be ready for the next workout.

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