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How to Train for a 100-Mile Mountain Bike Race

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If a 100-mile mountain bike race is on your calendar this year, the time is now to start preparing. Coach Taylor Thomas outlines the timing and goal of three training phases and adds specific workouts to help you arrive at the start line ready to reach your goals.

2 Layering Methods for Cold Weather Training

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Proper layering is essential for cold weather training. Coach Heather Hagan outlines two very different strategies that could help you not only be more comfortable, but also help prevent serious issues like Raynaud’s Disease.

Winter Training To Prepare for a Spring Marathon

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If you have a spring marathon on your race calendar, how you train through the winter can make the difference. Use these tips and workouts from coach Ryan Bolton to stay on track to reach your goals.

Is Speedwork Necessary for Your First Marathon?

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When training for your first marathon, it can be difficult to know how much speed work to incorporate. Use the advice from Hal Higdon to make your training as effective as possible.

Heavy Lifting For the Endurance Athlete Part 1: Learning the 7 Key Exercises

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Endurance athletes can benefit from a properly designed and well executed strength program. This includes lifting heavy weights. In part one of this series, Kelly Fillow and Daniel Payseur outline how to begin your program and show you how to perform seven key exercises.

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