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Staying Fit and Motivated Using Alternative Sports

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By nature, endurance sport rely on repetition to improve. However, adding in a new sport or activity can help you reach new levels of fitness while also improving motivation. These tips from Taylor Thomas will help you implement a new activity into your routine.

4 Steps To Address an Imbalanced Body

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The repetitive nature of endurance sports can quickly lead to imbalances in your body. Now is the best time to reveal and address those imbalances. These steps from coach Heather Hagan will guide you to becoming a stronger and healthier athlete.

Metabolic Syndrome: Gaining Weight During Endurance Sports Training

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Some athletes struggle with gaining weight while training for endurance events. This condition, known as Metabolic Syndrome, can be managed in order to still achieve your goals. Coach and author Gale Bernhardt gives her account on one athlete that she was able to help overcome MetS.  

What to do Between Training Cycles

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Wondering what to do between training cycles? Hal suggests continuing to train, but without passion. Cut your miles in half and substitute some cross-training. You should be able to maintain, if not improve, your fitness doing relatively little.

How Triathletes Can Maximize Their Swim Block Training

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The winter months are the perfect time to turn your focus to the pool. Beyond more drill and technique work, adding yardage and using swim aids is also beneficial. These tips from coach Nicole Odell will help you bring your swim up to a new level.

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