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Best Bike Split Adds ERG Creator, Integration with New Zwift and Garmin Workout File Types

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Best Bike Split has several new features that can help you train more effectively for race day. Ryan Cooper, Chief Scientist of BBS, explains what these features are and how you can use them to get results.

3 Drills to Fix Your Swim Crossover

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Many swimmers make the same mistake of crossing over during their stroke. This issue typically leads to more mistakes in technique, which slows you down. Expert swim coach Phil Mosley describes what a crossover is and gives you three ways to correct it.

WKO4 Software is Changing the Future of Training

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WKO4 continues to change how data is used to help coaches and athletes achieve their goals. Now available for PC and Mac, this highly advanced software allows for new ways to compare data, introduces new metrics, and gain faster insights.

Will Increasing Miles Lead to a P.R.?

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A runner looking to knock one minute off their goal time at Chicago’s Shamrock Shuffle 8k asks about adding mileage to a plan. Hal has the answer, though it may not be what you think.

Periodization and Mixed Training

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Research shows that as athletes age, their aerobic and anaerobic capacity decreases, even in highly trained athletes. Coach and author Joe Friel suggests that to minimize your loss of fitness you should mix up your training to add more anaerobic work. Learn more about this concept and how this slight modification may lead to retaining your fitness longer.

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