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Happy Freaking New Year!

Hey hey everyone!

Wishing you all an amazing (and FAST, HEALTHY, and PROSPEROUS) 2015!

Stay tuned for more updates to this page (I’ve been lazy in the “web updating department”) but be sure to follow me on facebook at!



2x Ironman’s & 2x 50k Ultra’s later, Finally an Update!

Holy Cow – this is what I would call complete and total neglect of updating a website! 😛

My Subaru Ironman Whistler 2013 was pretty much a disaster (with a whopping 12 weeks of training – NOT ideal) which required some sort of redemption – which came in the form of KMD Ironman Copenhagen in 2014. Amazing travel / race experience and will definitely plan on doing another international Ironman – perhaps 2016? In the meantime, I’ve done a couple 50k ultras and heading into 2015, The Big Sur Marathon and Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon is on the radar… hopefully I’ll be better with training this year (at least better than how much I’ve been updating!)