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YouTube – J.R. Triathlon Training-Part 1

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    Endurance Nation – Another Reason Against Year-Round Swimming (Plus A Challenge!)

    Please Get Out of The Water — Until It Matters
    photo credit: m.gifford

    It’s pretty well-known by now that Endurance Nation recommends that you don’t swim during our OutSeason training cycle. That means for a grand total of five months, our athletes aren’t swimming a single stroke. This approach has generated a lot of buzz, mostly negative, that how we train is in someway Read the rest of this entry

    Endurance Nation – Five Tips for Short Course Triathletes

    On March 1st we will launch a brand new suite of Short Course training plans. In late March we plan to recruit a small squad of short course athletes to help us create a space on our team to meet their Short Course needs. Over the next few months TeamEN will work to expand our training plans, guidance, and Team mojo into the Short Course triathlon space.

    We have created FREE virtual seminar Read the rest of this entry

    Whats the best watch/hrm to have for triathlon training? – Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers

    Triathlon Training | Triathlon Blog

    Whats the best watch/hrm to have for triathlon training?

    Why not invest in a Garmin 305 or 405? You may as well have it all in one, GPS distance monitoring, HRM and various lap functions…

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      YouTube – Triathlon Song

      Triathlon Training | Triathlon Blog

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