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4 Key "Couch to Triathlon" Training Steps

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Are you ready to start a couch to triathlon training program? There are 4 key areas that you will want to consider before you start this type of training program. What are they?

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Base Level of Fitness
  • Training Time Available
  • Length of Future Triathlon Race

1. We have all seen the warnings on every supplement Read the rest of this entry

Improving Your Personal Best (PB) – For Triathletes and Triathlons

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Focusing on a specific distance and not getting pulled into longer ones is a better mind set for some people. They like the sprint or Olympic distance, even the Super-Sprint distance, and want to get faster at their chosen distance and improve their Personal Best (PB).

Critical analysis

This is a stark look at how fast you did your Read the rest of this entry

Endurance Nation Training Plans for 2011!

Ironman & Half Ironman Plans, 12- and 20- Week Versions

These helped me take an HOUR off my previous PB!.

Endurance Nation CoachesĀ Rich and Patrick combine 20 years of triathlon training, racing and coaching experience to create this unmatched suite of training plans and resources — now in their 8th generation.

The coaches have improved these plans every year since 2007 using the feedback and results from hundreds of Endurance Nation members and thousands of plan athletes like you.

You will not find better or more effective training plans in the triathlon space.

Our twelve & twenty-week plans have ability level and content options including access to everything from our online Resource Library to eBooks to Coach Podcasts and even Race-Specific Course Talks.

2011 Innovations Include:

  • Online Resource Library
  • Season Planning Guidance
  • Improved Race Simulation Information

Check out all the details on Endurance Nation Website!

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Triathlon cycling training?

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Triathlon cycling training?

Hey guys ive done 4 olympic triathlons with my best time being a 2:03. Just wondering good training methods as far as cycling is concerned. With running I always switch it up. I do intervals, sprints, longer runs, shorter runs, etc. Can this be applied to cycling as well?? I tend to cycle the same way every Read the rest of this entry

My First Triathlon – A How-To Guide

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Triathlon competition is divided into 3 components, namely the swimming event, cycling and the running event, and each of the three sport require your body to do it differently – this idea alone can be daunting to a beginner triathlete.

Novice triathlon training should focus on finding out how the 3 separate sports interact with one Read the rest of this entry

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