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Five Keys of Long Course Training, Part III: TeamEN vs Traditional Approaches

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In Part I we introduced you to the Five Keys, and discussed one through four. In Part II we discussed Key 5, lactate threshold training. Finally, in Part III, we summarize how the “TeamEN Way” is different from how you’ve probably been accustomed to thinking about long course triathlon training.

Let’s start by reviewing perhaps the foundation of all endurance training: Progressive Overload
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Vancouver 2010 Olympics Madness!

Apologies everyone for being scarce with the blog updating!  The Olympics madness that has enveloped the city here has been absolutely amazing!  The energy/vibe/atmosphere/mojo – whatever you want to call it is just awesome in every sense of the word.   I have taken so many pics I don’t even know where to begin in terms of posting.

Anyway, back to business – training has been going very well despite the craziness.  Still hunkered down in the “pain cave” banging out the intervals on my trainer and getting in a “longish” run on the weekends with the gang in addition to our Team EN intervals during the week.   Having said that, been staying as disciplined as possible and not adding volume just for the sake of adding volume – even when feeling pretty damn good.  As long as my TSS (training stress score) and IF (intensity factor) for my workouts are where I want them to be, no sense in adding more time “just because” – saving it for later when the sun comes out 😉

I trust everyone is having a great February and hope you’re managing to catch some of the Olympics on TV!   The TV coverage doesn’t *really* do it any justice – the electricity in the air of being in the city amongst the crowds is just amazing!

Catch up laterz !!

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Create Your Own Adventure!

Gap Adventures is thrilled to launch the largest contest in company history with Create Your Own Adventure.

With more than $40,000 in prizes to be won, the winning entrant will travel on the dream tour they created for free, along with two of their friends and receive a host of other prizes like electronics, clothing, footwear and travel guides. Contestants can also enter their names in the Mystery Tour draw where they can be randomly selected to join the winning tour.

Contest runs from February 3rd to March 31st , 2010.

Enjoy the contest and we hope you can give it a try!   Click below!

Create Your Own Adventure

Power Zones for Ironman Training

Question: what power zones/levels should I be targeting during my Ironman training?

Rich Strauss: The power training world speaks the power language described by Coggan and Allen in “Training with Power,” the WKO+ software, etc. This is based on Functional Threshold Power (FTP), or your average watts for a 60′ time trial effort. Training and racing zones are then prescribed as a percentage/fraction of this power.

In my experience, the zones described in the book above and in WKO aren’t very descriptive and are too broad. This is how we work the issue with our athletes. Below are percentages of FTP.

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