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Another Week Down

Hey Folks!

Somewhat of a productive week to round out November. Got a couple quality bike sessions in on the drainer (inclusive of the pain and suffering at Peak during the computrainer racing series) along with a couple runs in torrential rain and hail – what fun!

Alls I can say is, for those of you that live in “nicer climate” (like you bastards down in SoCal) – you’re freaking lucky. Being able to get out and bike/run whenever you want and not worry about freezing your arse off while doing it is a huge advantage to living up here in the Great White North. Not that Vancouver is really the Great White North, but for all intents and purposes – it aint sunny and most of the people reading this blog think we Canadians live on the Arctic tundra…eh

Anyway, my philosophy of “training ROI” is holding firm and I don’t care who I hear from that is currently training 15 to 20 hours a week – good for frickin’ you 😉 Let’s see who’s faster come Spring AND who still has their sanity AND who actually got to do other stuff besides train AND didn’t have to get up at 4:30 am to get to their masters swim classes. (Yes, there is more to life than just training – I’m not exactly sure what there is yet, but I’m having fun sitting on my ass trying to find it ;).

So yah, 6 to 8 hours a week for me until the sun comes out next year… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it (suffice to say the fellas over at Team Endurance Nation have sufficiently brain-washed me into this philosophy and in conjunction with testing at The Peak Centre, I believe I’m on the right path to setting up for a good 2010.

Speaking of Peak, just did Stage 5 of the winter race series yesterday and it was “ok”. By “OK”, I mean I didn’t puke and I managed to keep the chain on the whole time without a catastrophic mis-shift at a critical point in the race…. Avg. watts were still pretty crappy all things considered, but I’ll take it for now. We’ll see what’s shakin in 6 to 8 weeks 😉

Ok folks, I’m outta here – have a good week.

p.s. – Congrats to all of you that did / are doing IM Cozumel today!!!

North America Sports – Community Fund Spots Available for Subaru Ironman Canada

Ironman Canada Triathlon announces that Community Fund Entry Spots are now open for the 2010 edition of Subaru Ironman Canada. Athletes may access the Community Fund entry by way of the race website, The 2010 race is now sold out to general entry. The 28th annual Subaru Ironman Canada will be held on Sunday, August 29, 2010 in Penticton and the surrounding Okanagan Valley in Read the rest of this entry

“The Jan” – this is funny sh*t!

Okay folks – time for some humour to offset the dark goominess that is the Vancouver winter training season. Many years ago when MySpace was actually cool… ahem… I was following a blog by a hysterical dude who wrote in the voice of Jan Ullrich before the 2006 Tour de France. This was the funniest stuff I’ve ever read and as a cyclist who follows Le Tour and all the drama behind it (EPO notwithstanding), I’m certain you’ll laugh your ass off.    I’ll post a few at a time over the course of my training for Ironman as I’m sure it will mirror what’s going thru my own head as the “day of reckoning” in Penticton approaches for next year… Thanks “Jan” for providing the funniest myspace posts I’ve ever read – these reposts are in your honour.

**via myspace and you have to pretend you’re reading it in a really bad German accent 😉

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VO2 Max Testing

So what the hell does riding a computrainer in the lab at the Peak Center For Human Performance look like? Here ’tis…

I was trying to tell Hoz to pull the viewfinder on the camera out, but with the snorkel jammed in my mouth, you obviously can’t really understand what the heck I’m saying 😉   … and gotta like where he’s filming his thumb…

Pedal harder!!

Tav! & | MySpace Video

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Peak Winter Racing Series Stage 4

*mental note*  Learn how to shift smoother…

Well, for crying the frick out loud – was actually a pretty good stage and a far cry from bonkfest last week.  However, rather than capping off a fairly well executed ride with a good strong sprint finish – I blew the chain off the front big ring just as I was coming out of the saddle to hammer down the home stretch – niiiiiice!   Thanks to Mike and Brad (aka Peak Centre Peak PitStop Crew), with some greasy fingers they managed to get me rolling again and back on the road (albeit virtually) in exactly 2mins and 5secs.
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