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Ironman Arizona 2009 Race Preview by Endurance Nation

** via Team Endurance Nation

With mere weeks left before race day, athletes preparing for Ironman Arizona in Tempe, AZ, are starved for any information to help them prep for this late-season race. After months and months of training and enduring multiple seasonal changes, race day is looming and it’s time to get focused.

Formerly an April event, IMAZ moved to November in 2008 because of the intense heat and challenges associated Read the rest of this entry

With age, comes wisdom…

… and with added wisdom, hopefully speed comes with it!

So another year has passed in the “live of Tav”.   Amazing how quick time flies by and you quickly realize (at least in my case) how little you’ve actually accomplished since the last birthday!   Looking at my trusty Ironman 2010 countdown timer, apparently there’s a mere 305 days left before the “day of reckoning – part III”. Suffice to say, the next 305 days will go by quicker than you can say “a good dose of EPO would be great right about now” – har har har. Anyways, in reflecting upon the last year, I’ve pretty much accomplished 4/5ths of frick all except register for Ironman Canada 2010, de-train and injure my achilles…

Ok, not really, training is going pretty well for the “outseason” (to see what my outseason training program consists of, check out Team Endurance Nation).   As I alluded to above, getting older should mean getting smarter – and when it comes to “training smarter” for endurance sports, it all comes down to effective time management.  As a non-professional athlete, we aint getting paid to eat/sleep/train/nap/repeat – we blow way more money on this sport that one would like to think, so you better damn well get as much bang for your hard-earned buck as possible!   In terms of opportunity cost, you have to look at how much you are “giving up” when you’re slogging it out on the trainer or pounding the pavement instead of “working for the man” or spending time with your family or spouse or doing whatever else normal people do who aren’t obsessed with VO2 max and lactate thresholds.  (who are you people anyway?  j/k)

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Racing Or Training While Stressed…

Ok, so this is going to be one of the more random posts I’ll make, but I was watching Mythbusters just now and one of the experiments they did was the effects of stress on fuel consumption.  WHAT?   Basically, they were comparing how you would drive your car in a “happy / relaxed” mood vs a “stressed / pissed off” mood – and how that would affect how much gas you used (which basically translated to how hard you accelerated, how hard you braked, how smoothly you handled your car.

Well, as you probably guessed, driving while “stressed and pissed” resulted in almost a 33% LOSS in fuel efficiency!  Over the same course, same obstacles, same distance (actually, in even LESS distance) – the experiment resulted in a significant amount of gas being wasted.

So what the heck does this have with triathlon and training or racing you ask?   Well, think of how much of your own energy you could be wasting if you’re not relaxed and smooth while swimming, or biking or running.

Think it’s a stretch?   Next time you’re out for a training session, focus on being relaxed and smooth and not focus on the dude that cut you off and see if it results in a lower heart rate and better workout – even if it DOESN’T – I bet you’ll feel a helluva lot better enjoying your time while training / racing rather than being stressed about an umpteen number of things that probably have absolutely no bearing on what you should be concentrating on at that moment.

HAPPY training / racing folks… “boom di yada boom di yada…”

It Just Takes one…

…sour race marshall to ruin your race.

I was kind of irked today when reading about Pro Triathlete Gina Kehr’s experience at Kona this past weekend.  She received 4 penalties during the race – FOUR freaking penalties during the World Championships!!   Either the race referee forgot to wear her glasses, or she was on crack when marshalling the bike course as ANY rational triathlete knows that getting penalized once is bad enough and USUALLY results in you being more careful out there when assessing your draft zones.  Now to get carded TWICE – you pretty much avoid everyone around you like the plague and you’re so pissed you would probably do anything to make sure you don’t even come CLOSE to drawing attention.  So for a pro to get penalized FOUR times is pretty much a WTF??!?!  kind of situation.

For Gina’s blog post on this, check it out here:  Gina Kehr’s Blog

Awesome Race In Kona for 2009 !

Craig “Crowie” Alexander (in his Newtons) repeats as World Champion with an 8:20:21 and Chrissie Wellington sets a new women’s record this year with an 8:54:042 at Kona!   What an amazing race!

So many amazing stories of personal triumph out there in the lava fields of Kona!   Want to thank all my friends on Twitter that shared in the race report tweeting!!   Gotta love the wonders of technology!  Definitely a day of inspiration and a big huge shout out and congratulations to all those who raced their asses off on the big island!

**via Blog

Kevin Mackinnon wraps up the day of racing at the Ford Ironman World Championship

An incredible day in Kona

Just like I did earlier this year at Ironman France-Nice, I get to wrap today’s up by telling a story about an incredible woman. A year and a half ago, Elizabeth Thompson was on holiday in Nice when she suddenly found herself on the floor, unable to move. She lost use of her arms and her legs. One eye started to twitch. Her body was shutting down too much for her to even think that she might be dying.

It turns out Thompson was having a stroke. Volunteer fire fighters took her to the hospital. She spent weeks in that hospital, starting the re-learning process that would involve learning how to walk and talk again.

Her first workout? Standing next to her bed. Her next one? Trying to walk across the room.

A year later, Thompson managed to finish Ironman France-Nice … well enough to qualify for today’s Ford Ironman World Championship. Today she finished this race, too.

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