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...No idea where I'm headed in 2015, but I can't wait to get there...

So you've landed here on my iWillNotBonk.com Triathlon Training Blog and you're probably wondering who the hell this Tavis guy is and what iWillNotBonk is all about.

I'm just an average age-grouper / weekend warrior blogging about Ironman Triathlon Training and this complex puzzle of juggling life, having fun and reporting on my various feats of strength and endurance adventures!

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2015!? Big Sur & Escape from Alcatraz - Giddy Up!

My 5th Ironman in Copenhagen, Denmark with MINIMAL training was a 12.5 hour success thanks to Team Endurance Nation and Peak Centre for Human Performance. After Ironman #4 in Whistler, Canada, thought I'd shake things up a bit for #5 and head over to Denmark for KMD Ironman Copenhagen. Was an AMAZING experience and highly recommended! Follow along with our 2015 multisports gong-show by subscribing to this blog via the orange RSS button above, follow me on Facebook or Twitter

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Endurance Nation Training PLans

Creating your Annual Training Plan is the first step towards a successful season. Coach Tucker Olander explains the value of the ATP and how you can set up yours today.

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Improving your skills in swimming, biking, and running will help you get faster for race day and now is the time to focus on improving them. Learn the drills and workouts that coach Lance Watson uses to help his athletes make the most of this important step.

You need to test new shoes before running a marathon, but put too many pre-race miles on the shoes, and they lose some of their freshness. Here are Hal's suggestions for preparing your new shoes for race day.

Planning your season is your first step to making 2016 great. Use these steps from coach O’brien Forbes to create your plan and get set up for success. 

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